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We focus on performing total and professional Quality Assurance on the translated products, on all of the levels. more…



iTranslator is a private company offering documentation translations as well as software and Web site Localization solutions and services.

Translator team was established by a group of enthusiasts with practical experience in translation and localization. We are a young team, dynamic and aiming to offer "Intelligent Business Solutions" of highest quality.

Our aim is to satisfy and retain clients. We truly believe that in this business you need to bend over backwards to satisfy your clients' needs. Our goal is to complete your Translation and localization projects on time, to budget and to required quality levels - we work around the clock, delivering solutions to your requirements. iTranslator works with its clients from the very start of the project till the completion and thereafter, maintaining permanent contact even after project completion

Our approach is to cooperate closely with our customers, in order to find the most adequate solutions that would fulfill the given requirements. Our role is to offer, based on experience and competencies of our staff, the best solutions that would bring value to the clients' business and ensure a rapid return on their investment.

We strive to offer "Intelligent Business Solutions" by targeting 100% customer satisfaction.

Documentation translation
We have the technical expertise and flexibility to find solutions for our clients. more…

Software localization
iTranslator's localization process includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. more…

Website localization
This refers to the process whereby your web site is optimized entirely. more…

DTP services
iTranslator's team is made up by experienced DTP specialists. more…

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