iTranslator offers services in technical translation and software localization.

We offer a full range of services (including DDT) done by a team of highly-qualified translators and engineers. Our clients are supplied with professional, high-quality products.

We ensure that our company can flexibly adapt to client requirements and quickly respond to the ever-changing challenges presented by the fast-developing translation and localization market.

Professional project management, quality assurance procedures and a the know-how would recommend us as a top company. We endeavor to achieve absolute professionalism in the management of translation & localization processes, as well as in knowledge management. iTranslator will offer the highest standards in customer services and quality, beyond the reach and abilities of the competitors.

Documentation translation

Translation consists of producing in the target language the closest natural equivalent of the source language message, firstly with respect to meaning and secondly with respect to style.
E. A. Nida (1959)

We have the technical expertise and flexibility to find solutions for our clients, combined with a focus on providing a high quality service. The quality of our staff, combined with our project processes and procedures ensure that we deliver a quality product.
Software localization

iTranslator's localization process is based on a model which includes extensive Quality Assurance procedures. This, combined with our continual development training system, means that we have the following key attributes:
     • Field knowledge and translation procedures ensuring that we deliver a quality product
     • Analytical ability to solve problems
     • Ability to train and motivate teams
     • Knowledge of all aspects of localization engineering including the use of localization tools
     • Ability to identify technical internationalization
Website localization

This refers to the process whereby your web site is not only translated into another language but optimized for that particular market - making it linguistically and culturally appropriate.

Web is a globalized entity. If your company/organization wishes to establish Internet-based service flow, business mode or display window, you must show them in a way that complies with the language and culture of the target group. Experts of a language or a region, who have thorough understandings of the culture characteristic and language features of the target, will be in charge of the service.
DTP Services

iTranslator's DTP specialists have a working knowledge of a number of operating systems as well as publishing and graphic applications. Our DTP services are wide ranging.

We can handle everything from documentation to software and multimedia localization projects. Our services: - Formatting and page layout - Editing graphics and screen shots - Creating graphics (generic graphics, screen captures, illustrations and diagrams) - Post-DTP QA checks
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