The aim of our translation service is to ensure that our clients will always be satisfied about our work. Whether it's the website, contracts, training material, manuals or any other type of documentation we are able to deal with it and return it in the format you require. On time, on budget and of the highest quality possible.

Please have a look at some comments we have received from our clients:

I have always received the translated documents on the requested due date and I have been impressed by the fluency of the translations.
                                                                               Company profile: IT company
We have worked with iTranslator especially in technical translations and software localization. Many of our clients relied on the translations of this company. The quality, compliance with deadlines, professionalism and confidentiality would recommend iTranslator as a valuable partner.
                                                                               Company profile: Major international translation company
For the last year we have worked with iTranslator in various translation fields, mainly financial, economic and marketing. Their translations are well documented regarding specific terminology, and the documents were accurately translated in accordance with Romanian legislation.
                                                                               Company profile: International law firm
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